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Real heroes don’t wear capes

Jun 18, 2017

With Fathers Day now approaching, it is the time to recognize the male influences in our lives. Usually our father is our first significant male role model, but not every family is so lucky to have a father/father figure. Without having a father around, children can carry an emotional burden. A child may react to being neglected by their father and become rebellious, as they continue to demand attention, because any attention would be better than none.

Some important qualities in a father:

- Sensitivity is an important quality for children to see in their dad. Being able to show a child how a man can be in touch with feelings such as laughing, crying, and showing affection. Being a good father figure role model, its also crucial to show how to properly communicate with people and witness positivity.

- A father should always show their children good morals. Children like to see their father doing the right thing. It helps children respect and admire their father for the guidance when honest qualities show through. Also by demonstrating how a father treats strangers, such as waiters and cashiers. Creating good morals can help children to develop their own positive morals for their future.

- Physical strength is sometimes a quality children admire. We feel proud when our father is a strong male figure, rather than perceived as a weak one. A physically strong father allows us to feel protected against danger in the world. Having a strong father can make a child feel invincible.

- Family values are super important to demonstrate to a child. A good father prioritizes the time he spends with his family. It means a lot to a child when their father shows up to important events. They also notice how fathers treat their mothers and it reflects on them as a person. Does he enjoy time with the family or would he rather be alone on the golf course? Family values are learned from positive experiences.

- A good work ethic is learned from a responsible father. Motivation is a very important trait to have. Doing a good job and coping with stress and having a good work/life balance. Being responsible with money, treating property with care, not anything for granted.

Fathers Day is also an opportunity to reflect on the things we’d like to do differently from our own upbringing. Learning to improve and be a better parent, and not repeat the mistakes that were made with us is all part of growing up and aiming to be the best we can be when we become a father and parent our own children.

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