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Need a trash valet service?

May 7, 2017

It all started one night while watching Shark Tank with my Mom. Aside from being a Mark Cuban fan (I love playing basketball), I decided I wanted to start my own business so I can save up for Jeep Wrangler. But what could a 9 year old do? My Mom said I was too young to push a lawn mower or babysit, so we had to think outside the box. And then I thought....Garbage!! My Dad is always rushing on Wednesday mornings (trash day), and even sometimes forgets to roll the cans to the curb. And with that simple idea, Canned! was born! Canned is a trash valet service. I roll customers' cans to the curb the day before pickup and return them to their homes the following day after school for a monthly fee. I re-invented the newspaper route!

My Mom started sharing my business on local facebook pages and Canned! went viral! Before I knew it, I was on the front page of the Gaston Gazette and on Fox News. I never thought Canned! would receive this much attention! Even my bus driver started calling me a celebrity! Soon after, a man named Don read my story. He is an active member in his church and read that I was tithing 10% of my earnings to God (my Great-Grandma taught me the importance of tithing). Don happens to be an app builder. He called my Mom and told me he was going to build me an app for free! With Don, it is now possible to help other kids save for their first car! Since I started tithing, all of these great things started happening to me! Not only did I meet Don, but Jeep clubs reached out, inviting me to their events to support my goal of saving for a Wrangler. I became a member of Jeepers United and went to Jeep Jamboree's opening day in Uwharrie. Not only was I surrounded by Jeeps, but I even got to ride a helicopter with my Dad! And that's not all...Gaston County Chamber of Commerce inducted me to be an honorary member! In 104 years, I made history and became the county's youngest member. They even created and award just for me! Later this month, I will be the first recipient of the Youth Entrepreneurship Award. I even get to attend a fancy banquet with my family.

Then, something huge happened! Toter, the leading manufacturer of outdoor trash cans, reached out and was interested in being my Sponsor! I told them I was about to audition for Shark Tank (they finally came to Charlotte!), and they gave me a Toter can to use at my auditon! I haven't found out if I made it to the second round yet.

Sharks or no sharks, it was such such a great experience. I got to spend the entire day with my Mom and Dad, without my baby brother and baby sister! It's weird that all of this started with a simple household chore. But think about it, no one like to do chores! Well I "Noah" guy! I'm so excited for my app to come out this summer. Within the next year, I hope to have at least one Canned! representative in every county of North and South Carolina. "Getting Canned" will no longer mean getting fired. Instead, it will be the beginning of many careers!

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